Sustainable Walnut Creek

The Downtown Eco-Art Initiative

The Eco-Art Initiative is an art competition to draw attention to downtown businesses while spreading a green message and encouraging young artists. This project promotes creativity and motivates young artists to help downtown businesses in their recovery efforts. Climate art connects with foot traffic and shoppers. “Shop Downtown for a Green Rebound” is the tagline for the Eco-Art campaign. Eco Art Awards will be presented to the top young artists in each category on Sustainability Day, October 27, 2021 (the fourth Wednesday of October each year).

Shuttered stores will have Eco-Art flyers posted on their windows. Eco-Art and flyers will be posted by downtown merchants on their windows. Passerby’s and shoppers will stop in front of the stores to view the art and go inside to cast their votes on their favorite art pieces. Voting can also be done on the store’s websites. The themes in the Eco-Art competition are educational solutions and actions that are effective in combating climate change.

The Eco-Art initiative provides temporary public art and entertainment, involves families, schools, and is a fun activity . It’s been a long time since there has been any fun events downtown and it can be used to boost morale. Art has magical powers, it is visually stimulating, contributes to a dynamic and thriving place to live, visit and to do business. It’s intended to be a Win-Win-Win, for business, for students and for the Planet, a campaign that builds strength, spirit and vibrancy for downtown and the City.

The successful Sustainable Lafayette’s Kids Climate Art Posters (see link below) is proof that there are plenty of talented artistic youths who would support downtown businesses in their recovery effort while competing in Walnut Creek’s Eco-Art competition.

For more information on the Eco-Art Initiative:

Photos from Eco-Art Initiative

Cecilia Jones Eco Art Winner with her work and certificate.


Avani Doshi with her work, The Tree of Life

Download the flyers

Flyer 1   |  Flyer 2

The Eco-Art Organizing Task Force:

Alexandra “Alex” Bunik, Walnut Creek Youth Leadership Commissioner, Member SWC
Marsha Cheung Golangco, Co-Founder SWC, Co-Founder SCOCO
Robert Joe, Co-Founder SWC, Co-Founder SCOCO, Member MDUUC-CAC