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Sustainability Week Summary – Bob Joe

The idea of Sustainability Week came about when we (SWC Eco-Art Team: Alex Bunik, Marsha Golangco) were seeking a day in October to announce the winners in the Eco-Art youth Competition (for information on Eco-Art visit We learned that there is a Sustainability Day, the last Wednesday in October each year.  The idea clicked: announce Eco Art winners on Sustainability Day, Wednesday October 27, 2021.  The thought of having a Sustainability Week came after not finding any nearby city hosting a Sustainability Week. Several colleges and universities celebrate a Sustainability Week but the only municipality I was able to find was Blacksburg, VA which is a township, not a city. 

Sustainability Week was an act mentioned in the summary of sustainable recommendations at the 4/9/21 SAP workshop.  

It was also introduced to Walnut Creek Downtown in a three minute presentation on Wednesday 4/14 at WCD Zoom meeting:

Benefits of having an annual Sustainability Week:

  • It re-enforces the fact that the City of WC is a sustainability leader
  • Being the first and only City to hold a week of sustainability events each year elevates the sustainable standings of WC.
  • This would draw locals, people from neighboring cities those visiting SF & Bay Area for the events, to eat, shop and to enjoy WC.
  • It would help in downtown’s recovery and boost the morale.
  • And this could be done at a relative low cost.  Put up banners around town, Some promotional ads in Diablo and WC Magazine along with social media.

At the last MDUUC-CAC meeting 5/18/21, Marianne Callahan felt that a fall season event would balance out Earth Day which is celebrated in the Spring.   My prediction is in years to come WC’s Sustainability Week will be counted alongside The Walnut Festival, The Twilight Parade, Art On The Main as one of the City’s biggest events.

5/20/21  ICAN MEETING 

Those present:  Jan Warren, Jackie Mann, Nancy Thursby, Kristen Taylor, Albert Kuffner, Kris Dahlkamp, Will McGarvey, Carolyn Peters, Betty Lobos, Bob Joe 

Sustainability Week introduced to ICAN.  Blacksburg, VA’s sustainability week flyer was shared by Will McGarvey (  Event ideas was shared by those present.  Overall a positive reception of SW.  I proposed a scoping group to investigate with pros & cons.  Will said there were no interfaith events the week of 10/25.  Jan

asked if anyone would volunteer on the scoping committee.  Tyler Snortum-Phelps (SCOCO’s Program Administrator) thought SW would be a nice fit for their youth leadership group (SLIA), Tyler was the sole volunteer for the scoping committee from ICAN.  Tyler said SCOCO’s Gala this year will be virtual again on Sept.  Walnut Creek’s Youth Leadership Commission was mentioned as well as names of other youth groups as mentioned by Kris Dahlkamp.  I was asked if SW was solely a WC thing.  I said no, any city can partner with us.  Some partnering cities could have webinars, zoom along with in person events.  Why not throughout the County with WC as the SW center.

I mentioned the Twilight Parade is on the calendar, Tyler looked it up as Sat, Sept 18th.  Jan mentioned we have plenty of time for planning.  Jan will be out of town on that date.  I mentioned that I had sent two emails and one phone message to Tammy Lagomarsino (Walnut Festival Association).  Tyler mentioned that they are very short staffed. 

I emailed Tammy Lagomarsino advising her of Sustainability Week,  with an invitation to partner with us.  WFA does big events and it would be great if they partnered with us.  

On June 11 Mayor Kevin Wilk replies he likes the idea and would support it through publicizing it through social media channels and a variety of outreach.  He feels SW would work in conjunction to the Sustainability Action Plan and wanted me to send him an outline to look over.

Bob Joe

Sustainability Week Proclamation   

Blacksburg Sustainability Week